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Looking for a pop of color and interested in exploring Mayan textiles,
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All handmade

     Mayan Wave works with the mayan Guatemalan women directly. All of the bags are one-of-a-kind and made in small quantities. This month, we are featuring leather bags with a jade accent stone. The Mayans attributed jade for wealth, power, status and life. That is why most jade treasures are found in the tombs of kings and princesses from Mexico to Costa Rica. 


Mayan Wave
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Travel the world and enjoy a touch of color

Hello fellow beach bum!

I'm here to bring you the most beautiful handcrafted jewelry and handbags. I have reached into my Guatemalan heritage to bring mayan culture to the states.

Most of my products are made by me. While the others are handcrafted by Mayan artisans in the villages of Guatemala.

My dream has always been to follow in my grandmother's foot steps of owning a small business. With hard work, wishes do come true.  


Priscilla- owner